Governmental Affairs Counseling

In addition to its legal practice, Bishop & Heintz, P.C. offers Governmental Affairs Counseling, sometimes referred to as “lobbying” or “lobbyist services,” to a wide variety of clients. Bishop & Heintz, P.C. has expanded its established expertise in legal regulatory and administrative matters to the legislative and policy-making arena. In this process, Bishop & Heintz, P.C., when retained, zealously represents its clients’ concerns in local government, throughout the state and in state level matters in Lansing. Whether dealing with prospective or existing ordinances, administrative law procedures, or statutory matters, Bishop & Heintz is prepared to assist its clients through the legislative process, including efforts in shaping public policy to include the clients interest. The Governmental Affairs Counseling services provided by Bishop & Heintz include:

  • Analysis & Research– Bishop & Heintz will analyze your situation under current regulatory or statutory guidelines, determine the best course of action, either to comply with, or to advocate change in, those guidelines.
  • Development & Advocacy– Bishop & Heintz may propose sample legislation that addresses the issues and articulates our clients’ position to either local government units, or the Michigan Legislature, in a precise and positive manner.
  • Generating Support– Virtually any change, at any level, irrespective of complexity or significance, requires support at the grassroots level. Bishop & Heintz assists its clients by identifying and assisting in mobilizing the support for desired change and making that support known.
  • Issue Monitoring & Tracking– Bishop & Heintz can assist clients in identifying potential issues at an early stage, thus minimizing potential impact of negative changes and, in the process, have as much influence as possible in the decision-making process.
  • Appropriations Guidance– The public appropriations process is intricate and complex. Bishop & Heintz, P.C., in its Governmental Affairs Counseling service, provides an understanding of the budgetary process and can assist our clients to maximize effectiveness in attempts to secure appropriate portions of ever-diminishing state and local public funding resources.
  • Bargaining & Mediating– Bishop & Heintz, P.C. believes that the only truly effective way to measure success is through results. Bishop & Heintz, P.C. utilizes its available resources ethically, and within the available legal framework, to intercede, and advocate, for our clients and their objectives in governmental processes.