Criminal Law Practice

The attorneys of Bishop & Heintz, P.C. have significant and diverse experience representing individuals, and assisting businesses, in connection with a wide variety of criminal charges, and related investigations, throughout the state of Michigan, both in state and federal courts. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience and advocacy skills, and have forged excellent professional relationships and resource networks to maximize the firm’s effectiveness in each individual investigation or criminal defense matter.

In any criminal related matter, contact with counsel should be made as soon as possible. In the event that you have decided to contact Bishop & Heintz relative to any criminal defense, or related criminal matter, you should make that contact as soon as possible. The experienced criminal team of Bishop & Heintz will work with you to ensure that you understand your rights and that, within the circumstances of each particular case, all efforts are made to bring the matter to an appropriate resolution. Bishop & Heintz, P.C. is committed to treating each of its clients with dignity and respect. The firm offers a level of client services and personal attention that distinguishes the offices of Bishop & Heintz, P.C. from others, and the firm maintains informed confidential communication between attorney and client as a matter of highest priority. Bishop & Heintz, P.C. is aggressive and passionate in defending its clients and in protecting their clients' rights. The attorneys of Bishop & Heintz, P.C. who engage in criminal matters are seasoned litigators and well-versed negotiators who can assist in identifying available defenses and reasonable alternatives. The firm prides itself in its knowledge of the law and its ability to communicate that knowledge to its clients and to utilize it in their defense.

Bishop & Heintz, P.C. utilizes a team approach to criminal law matters, as well as others, and the collective experience and skill of the firm is behind each and every client. Bishop & Heintz, P.C. is committed to upholding high standards of professional performance and is proud of its reputation in that area. As in all matters of legal practice, in the criminal law area, Bishop & Heintz, P.C. maintains an unwavering commitment to quality legal services and personal client attention.

Criminal law matters in which the firm offers services include:

  • Counseling concerning potential criminal liability, either in charged or uncharged situations
  • Matters relating to personal protection orders, and appeals there from
  • Assisting businesses in investigation and appropriate contact with authorities, in investigating suspected or potential criminal activity
  • Arranging polygraph examinations when appropriate
  • Assisting clients in extradition proceedings, including clemency requests
  • Actual experience in criminal representation in numerous criminal matters, including, but not limited to:
    • Capital offenses, including homicide and criminal sexual conduct
    • Property crimes, including larceny, embezzlement and false pretenses
    • Criminal trespass
    • OUIL, impaired driving and other alcohol-related driving offenses
    • Driver’s license restoration or retention matters
    • In matters where a conviction has been entered, formulating innovative sentence and probation recommendations in cooperation with the cognizant probation department and court
    • Engaging appropriate professionals to assist in criminal defense and/or sentencing or probation matters.


Bishop and Heintz represents individuals who may be, or who have been charged in state and federal courts.  Our criminal law team has more than 30 years experience representing individuals charged with felonies and misdemeanors in state and federal court.  Our expertise includes:  drunk driving, impaired driving, white collar crimes, embezzlement, criminal sexual conduct, criminal trials and criminal appeals.